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Life, hope, bravery, happiness, contentment is #ontheyellowside.

We all have those days when everything just doesn’t seem right. We share our problems with those around, and suddenly the room turns into a concert of complaints. By the end of the conversation we end up exhausted & nothing has changed.

You may have had this experience too. You’re enjoying your day and you meet someone and all they do is complain about someone or something and suddenly you can’t think straight anymore. Your mood sinks and your energy is gone.

Complaining more often than not leaves us aggravated, angry and feeling terrible. It takes us to the other side, the negative side.

To tackle the problem of obsessive complaining we came up with an idea to solve it.

We distributed free wrist bands that were specifically designed to keep your mindset positive at all times. The bands acted as a reminder whenever you have a negative thought and urges you to do a positive deed, to avoid going into a cycle of negativity.


The wristband had two sides, black and yellow

The black side represents negativity & the yellow side positivity.

Whenever you say or think of a negative thought

you have to turn around the band to the black side

To go back to the yellow side you have to do an act of positivity

and only then can you allow yourself to flip the button to the yellow side.

The bands were designed to force a positive thought into your minds, replacing the negative thoughts, hence keeping us away from entering the dark side of negativity and complaining.

Pessimism, hate, jealousy, complaining is on the dark side.

Life, hope, bravery, happiness, contentment is #ontheyellowside.

So what side do you want to be on?

Download your #ontheyellowsid flyer

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