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Can kindness conquer bullying?

85% students in Kuwait’s schools believe it can!

Boomerang is a first-of-its-KIND Anti-Bullying School Outreach Program in Kuwait spreading KINDNESS through the transformative power of performing arts. We conduct interactive theatre workshops with students from Kuwait’s leading schools, who then perform the Boomerang play for the school.

The program helps bring sustainable change in school cultures by helping set up activities on campus through the Kindness Club, a place where students gather to conduct random acts of kindness. We also help set up a committee of teachers that promote kindness in schools.

Boomerang has reached 15,100 students across 33 private schools since 2018 through 70 plays. On average, 85% students who watched the plays have “been inspired to be kinder.”

(Source: Boomerang Kindness Poll)
Students reached
Private schools
Students have “been inspired to be kinder”

Boomerang has empowered 56 bullies and victims through 118 hours of engagement. On average they felt 105% “more prepared to solve bullying through kindness.”

(Source: Boomerang Workshop Logs)
Bullies & victims
Hours of engagement
"More prepared to solve bullying through kindness"

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Al Bayan Bilingual SchoolHawally, Kuwait

I believe some students have become more aware of their actions & it's consequences.

AlGhanim Bilingual SchoolSalwa, Kuwait

Students started reporting bullying more, and bullying cases are much easier and faster solved because students (especially the ones bullied) are ready for a dialogue about it.

AlTakamul International SchoolSabah Al-Salem

There is less aggression happening in the playground during recess time. Students were able to empathize with the characters who were bullied. Students keep referring to the "moral" of the play - what goes around, comes around.

Canadian Bilingual SchoolKhaitan, Kuwait

Students are able to discuss their problems. Students are now quick to alert us about any type of bullying issue.

Resala Bilingual SchoolMahboula, Kuwait

The actors showed improvement in their behavior.